Ok friend list, I need your help.

Seeking a Piano Player.

Is anyone or does anyone know a piano player I could talk to about doing musical improv shows. I'm not talking whose-line "play the irish drinking song" stuff - I'm talking about doing fully improvised musicals along these lines.

Help us out peeps.



I'm thinking of going to Mahoneyfest this year. It's next weekend so only 10 days! Truth is I'm a huge fan of a few of those indie artists and it's going to be the only chance I get to see them at the same time - especially since it's only in Atlanta!

Anyways, tenebrosity can't go because she's working so I'm throwing open an invite. Anyone else wanna go? It's $20 per day, $40 for the w/e I believe.

From the website:

The Mahoneyfest story: The name "Mahoneyfest" was a joke at first... but seemed to stick and appears to be here to stay. In 2006 I purchased a small farm in Box Springs GA. It consisted of several old barns, a turn of the century farm house, an old 1940’s general store. When I showed my father the pictures, he said "I would burn them down..." haha. Well,I didn’t burn them down... Instead i started to restore them (I always do the opposite of what my father suggests). I immediatly felt something special about the place.. it had warmth and the character of an old soul. I remember the night I first lit up the old general store. I wired in a generator to the breaker box and the lights came on in a slow warm glow. In the evenings after working on the farm house, I would sit in the old store and play my guitar. One evening, I thought about the importance of sharing this experience... at that moment Mahoneyfest was born. The Musicfest is based on the principal of remembering why we do what we do - To share ourselves, thoughts and philosophies with others... to listen to each other, and walk away with something new... whether that be a warm moment, an idea or a new found friendship. The musicfest is not divided between artists and spectators, they are intertwined. September of 2006 - we had our first event. We all had a great time. The musicians that came made the old soul smile. There were many great memories created that we now all share. I intend to host Mahoneyfest for as long as people will come and share this old farm with me. Thanks to all who have come and shared their art with us
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ATTN: bunnyboy and atomisk

We need to meet up to go to the food auction.

Food auction starts at 6:30.  It takes a while to get there due to traffic on 74.  Getting back is Lightening fast.

I'd like to leave Charlotte as close to 5:30-5:45 as possible.

Can we meet at <lj user=bunnyboy>'s place at say 5:45 and leave together from then?  My current understanding is one car, us two plus <lj user=tenebrosity>.

I must remember to empty the trunk of the car so we have somewhere to put our purchased spoils :-D

Food Haul (Food auction goodies)

Summary of Haul - Next food auction Friday 4th January.
Lemme know if you want to go!

45 pre-cooked Hamburgersteaks $4.50
2.5lbs pre-cooked McRibs (fer serious)$2.50
36 individual Pep pizzas$7.00
64lbs chicken (16 individual birds pre-spliced)$20.00
45-50 pre-cooked chicken patties$3.50
50 pre-cooked spring rolls$7.00
More bacon than I am capable of processing in a lifetime:$5.50
120 flour tortillas$4.00
1Qt Lime Juice (don't ask)$1.00
2 Huge packets of cream soup base mix.$2.00
2 x Texas Pete$1.00
1 Gallon Olives$4.50
24 Cans *GOOD* cream-soda$4.00
24 mixed fruit cups$4.50
Can of sausage-gravy powder bigger than my head$4.50
2lbs Smelt (fish fillets)$1.50
3lbs Potato Pancakes!$1.50

I'm not going to starve for a while.

No Strings Attached Launch Party!

We will be having a small party to celebrate the launch of my new TV Show, "No Strings Attached". Everyone is invited ;-D

Location: SK Net Cafe, Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte NC.
Time: Tuesday July 3rd, 9ish to late.

The TV show will have its premier at 10:30pm on Channel 21 on the local cable network (Time Warner Charlotte/Mecklenburg). We'll be watching it live at SK - come join us :-D

Harry Potter 0day

Someone posted a "0day exploit" for the latest Harry Potter book.

It's a synopsis of the book.

I won't include the spoilers but will say:

"The attack strategy was the easiest one.
The usual milw0rm downloaded exploit delivered by email/click-on-the-link/open-browser/click-on-this-animated-icon/back-connect to some employee of Bloomsbury Publishing, the company that's behind the Harry crap."